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19-Year-Old Student Impregnants 28-Year-Old Married Home Teacher

28-year-old married home teacher and a 19-year-old student are both pregnant. The troubled guy, Richard Nana Sam, said that his teenage son had also admitted to having an unplanned pregnancy with his teacher.

A Ghanaian father is in a pickle after learning that the male twin of his 19-year-old twins, whom he hired a 28-year-old home teacher to tutor, is pregnant.

He continued by saying that the female instructor told him about the development in an effort to win his approval to marry his son, who is still in school.

He shared his experience and asked for help from others on the Ghanaian Facebook community Tell It All. “Hello family, I really need your help with this because it’s hard to deal with.

I chose a female teacher who is 28 years old since I didn’t want a male teacher who might make moves toward my kid. I have twins who are 19 years old (a boy and a girl).

“My kids really like and respect this teacher. Since she created a book addiction in my kids, their academic performance has improved greatly. In fact, I’m thrilled to have her as my kids’ at-home tutor. My kids are now fluent in both English and French.

“Beloved, after teaching my children for eight months, the teacher came to tell me one day that she is three months pregnant with my son, and he has also acknowledged that the pregnancy is actually his. She claims she loves my kid, so I should let them get married.

“Please give me some advice from the family, I’m going crazy right now. I am limited in my thinking, Richard Nana Sam wrote. His post received a range of responses from Facebook users, some of whom accused the home teacher of abusing the youngster and counseled him to take care of the expectant mother while allowing the kid to finish his education.

While some people are against the pregnant teacher marrying the young man, others are in favor of it and wonder what the opinion would be if the teacher were a man and became pregnant with the girl of the twins.

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