Amerado and Lasmid team up on Grace

The highly anticipated hit song “Grace” by Ghanaian artist Amerado featuring Lasmid has been released!

With the release of the first song off his newly announced debut career album titled G.I.N.A (God Is Never Asleep), which features Friday-Night hitmaker Lasmid, Amerado continued to demonstrate his success in 2022. Amerado uses his forceful vocals to describe his experience living on the streets from grace to grace, and rapper-turned-singer Lasmid contributes a catchy chorus to the song.

Amerado, who fuses hip hop and afrobeats, is becoming more well-known all over the world. His songs “Sika Dam,” “Metua,” “Obiaa Boa,” “Back To Sender,” and “Abotre,” the latter of which received over 2.7 million YouTube views, were well-liked. With 2023 only around the corner, we can only expect even bigger things from the rapper going forward.

Future Mix mixed and mastered Grace, which was created by Cyrus Jaybel. Sh1 Studios’ Bra Shizzle shot and directed the video.

Check out the brand-new Amerado song “Grace” with Lasmid!

Source: GloberNewsfeed.us


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