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An Accident Involving An Uninsured Driver – What Should You Do?

An Accident Involving An Uninsured Driver. Any kind of accident, whether it involves hitting a stationary object or colliding with another car, may be traumatic, and they occur more frequently than you might imagine.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were hundreds of thousands of accidents across the US in 2021 and 42,915 persons lost their lives in traffic accidents. Even yet, the likelihood of being in an automobile accident is 1:6,478; hence, the chances are still quite slim.

There are a few crucial actions you must follow after an accident, some of which are mandated by law. One is getting in touch with insurers to report the accident and start a claim. However, what should you do if the other driver is uninsured? Explore now.

Reporting The Incident To The Police

If you are engaged in an accident that you think significant, you should call the police right away. You might think that an event is occasionally manageable by the side of the road. For instance, if someone lightly scraped your car while backing out of a parking space, you might be able to exchange information and fix the small damages without calling the police.

More serious infractions, such collisions that result in injuries or significant vehicle damage, should be reported to the police. The likelihood is that the cops will show up at the site nonetheless. Making notes and taking pictures can aid in compiling an incident report. You’ll need to describe the incident and provide your information to the police when you file a report, and they’ll also need to look up the other driver’s information. Depending on the state, individuals could receive a penalty for up to $5,000 regardless of culpability.

Even if the collision was your fault, you must still call the authorities and cooperate fully with their inquiries.

How To Handle Insurance Claims

Whether you were at fault or not, filing an insurance claim after a collision with an uninsured driver is more difficult. You frequently need to have either uninsured driver coverage or collision insurance in order to make a claim on the insurance policy when the other motorist is not covered. Both are optional extras that you can pay more for to be covered by a basic insurance policy. If you are in an accident when the other motorist does not have insurance, your insurance company might not compensate you if you don’t have either.

Both bolt-ons operate differently. Up to the policy’s limits, uninsured motorist coverage aids drivers in covering the cost of damage repairs and medical expenses. Drivers are protected by collision insurance in situations where either driver is at fault, including collisions with stationary objects, single-vehicle accidents like car rolls, and crashes with uninsured drivers when uninsured driver coverage is not present. It should be noted that the cost of the damages to the other car is not covered by collision insurance.

You must explain how the accident happened, what the suspected damages are, and who was at fault when calling insurance companies. You must also frequently go through your policy and how much you must pay the insurance company to handle the claim. When you purchased the insurance coverage, you and the company both agreed on the excess. Keep in mind that there is excess to pay, both voluntarily and involuntarily.

Can You Use Your Health Insurance?

Your health insurance may occasionally allow you to file a claim, but this will only apply to medical claims. Medical expenses aren’t often included in full coverage car insurance premiums, but some are. Your medical expenses should be covered by your auto insurance provider if you reside in a no-fault insurance state.

Drivers who reside in states without mandated no-fault laws may be required to obtain personal injury protection or medical expenses coverage. Once more, these merely serve to cover medical expenses.

Consider Contacting A Trusted Motor Accident Attorney

You might want to think about working with a motor attorney depending on how bad the incident was and whether the law was committed. When suing a driver who was driving without insurance, an automobile accident lawyer can assist you in getting the best result possible. They can explain what claims you can make, assist you in gathering the facts you need to make a claim, and handle any court cases. They can also help you make sense of insurance documentation.

Claiming against someone can involve complicated legal procedures, particularly if the collision caused significant damages. Attorneys for auto accidents can simplify the procedure.

It’s usually helpful to have a guide to help you through because car accidents can cause a wide range of feelings, from worry to terror. Accidents involving uninsured drivers frequently result in added stress, but keep in mind that many organizations, including the police and your insurance provider, will endeavor to assist you.

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