Aubameyang confirms jaw injury after home is burgled

The jaw injury suffered by Barcelona forward Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang at the hands of thieves on Sunday has been revealed via social media.

Before Thursday’s transfer deadline, Aubameyang was rumored to be moving to Premier League club Chelsea, but it is unclear how this injury will affect any potential deal.

According to a report from The Times, Aubameyang was held at gunpoint while being abused by a group of armed attackers who also threatened his wife and two children.

Aubameyang acknowledged the injuries on social media, tweeting: “In order to steal certain items, some violent cowards stormed into our house on Sunday night and endangered my family and my kids.

“My jaw was hurt, but I will quickly recover, and thank God, no one else was hurt physically.

“It’s hard to grasp and put into words the sensation that we are no longer safe in our own house, but as a family, we will get through this and stand stronger than ever,” a family member said.


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