Barcelona expecting to sell Pierre Emerick Aubameyang to Chelsea today

Could Pierre Emerick Aubameyang’s deal to Chelsea finally be official today?

Well, I think we’ve all heard this over the past few weeks. So, let’s wait and see how this one develops. But with the summer transfer window shutting in just three days, it’s more important than ever to act immediately.

Chelsea has been attempting to complete this transfer for some time and has been in negotiations with Barcelona to sign the striker, but no deal has yet been reached.

However, according to a story from ESPN published late last night, the club is reportedly anticipating selling Aubameyang to Chelsea TODAY (Tuesday).

Chelsea upped their offer to about €17 million but Barcelona is still seeking around €20 million for Aubameyang. However, a meeting between the various parties will take place on Tuesday in an effort to reach an agreement that pleases the two clubs.

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