Battlefield Can’t Keep Up With Call of Duty, Says Sony

Now that Xbox has acquired Activision Blizzard, Sony has added EA’s Battlefield brand to its reasons that the shooter can’t compete with Call of Duty.

According to PC Gamer, in its answer to the UK government’s inquiry into the merger, Sony said that Call of Duty has achieved an unmatched level of success and that no other shooter, not even Battlefield, can compete.

It stated, “Call of Duty is not reproducible.” “Call of Duty is too well-established for any competitor to catch up, no matter how well-equipped. In the past ten years, it has dominated sales in the first-person shooter genre and has been the best-selling game almost every year.

Other publishers lack the resources and knowledge necessary to match its success, according to Sony. For instance, Electronic Arts, the second-largest third-party developer after Activision, has been working on the Battlefield series for many years in an effort to provide a Call of Duty alternative.

“The Battlefield franchise cannot keep up, despite the similarities between Call of Duty and Battlefield and despite EA’s track record in creating other successful AAA franchises (such as FIFA, Mass Effect, Need for Speed, and Star Wars: Battlefront). More than 400 million copies of Call of Duty games had been sold as of August 2021, compared to only 88.7 million copies of Battlefield.

Battlefield 2042, the most recent offering from EA, has had a particularly difficult first year on the market, and the publisher admits that it fell short of expectations. Developer DICE even had to recreate its maps despite stating that it understood the “walking simulator” complaints because a number of upgrades and repairs were delayed.

On the other side, the most recent Call of Duty game broke numerous sales records and had the greatest opening weekend in the franchise’s history, earning $1 billion in its first ten days of release.

Sony is currently saying that there is nothing prohibiting Microsoft from making the franchise an Xbox exclusive despite its assurances not to. The franchise has always been released on both Xbox and PlayStation.

Despite Activision’s acquisition being authorized in several areas, the UK government’s Competition and Markets Authority is still reviewing the transaction because it may harm competition.

The Microsoft agreement, on the other hand, excites EA much. At the time, EA CEO Andrew Wilson remarked, “I think being platform-agnostic and entirely cross-platform with Battlefield is a wonderful potential.

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