Blood and Water season 3 is back on Netflix

Blood and Water, a juvenile crime drama from South Africa, is back for season 3.

a television show about a teenager who enrolls in an exclusive Cape Town school where she believes one of the kids might be her sister.

The twist is that it turns out to be her twin sister who was kidnapped as a baby who was the suspected sister.

In May 2020, the first season’s six episodes were published to positive reviews. The show went on to win Best TV Drama at the 2021 South African Film and Television Awards, as well as prizes for cinematography and sound design.

The third season will return and debut on November 25, 2022.


A television show centered on Puleng, a high school student whose sister Phume was taken by a network of human traffickers soon after birth.

When the two are in high school, a friend notices their similarity and Puleng starts looking into it.

As soon as it is discovered that family members are keeping important secrets, viewers are taken on an emotional journey.

The people who are thought to be the children’s parents turn out to be the gatekeepers to the truth the two little girls are hoping to learn.

What to expect in Season 3

The eagerly awaited Season 3 begins with the same high level of drama and suspense as Season 2, as the Parkhurts group continues to learn dark secrets about everyone around them.

Puleng Khumalo is portrayed by Ama Qamata, Fikile by Khosi Ngema, Chris by Arno Greef, and KB by Thabang Molaba.


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