‘Don’t Worry Darling’: Fans have questions about Harry Styles’ accent in new clip

After viewing Harry Styles’ acting in a previously unseen footage of “Don’t Worry Darling,” it won’t ever be the same as it was.

Monday saw the exclusive release of a sequence starring Styles and co-star Florence Pugh from Olivia Wilde’s second directorial effort. The 18-second film shows Pugh’s Alice and Harry’s Jack debating their respective lifestyles. In the moment, Styles states, “Not everyone gets this opportunity and if you keep talking like this you’re going to put it all at jeopardy.” We risk losing “our life,” Alice, “our life together.”

On social media, some immediately questioned whether he was intended to be American or British in the film. The vocalist of “As It Was” was raised in Cheshire, in northern England, after being born in Worcestershire.

Twice in this footage, his accent changes, a Twitter user noted.

“Why is Harry Styles, who is reportedly English, using such a horrible English accent?” said another commenter.

Others couldn’t sleep wondering what accent Styles was aiming for. “What accent is Harry Styles attempting to use in Do not worry darling, I must learn before I can sleep once more “a user posted.

Others on social media compared the vocal tones of Pugh and Styles.

An internet user commented, “There’s something really humorous about Florence Pugh just doing her beautiful little American accent in the face of whatever Harry is up to.”

Others weren’t shocked at all. Styles’ accent in “Don’t Worry, Darling” was compared by Twitter user @kevin thecritic to growing up seeing New Zealand performers portraying Americans in “Power Rangers,” who called it “decent” and not “distracting.”

On Twitter, Megan Cantle merely took Styles’ accent lightly.

“Am I feigning confusion because it’s obvious that the accent belongs to a man from the North of England who has lived in America for the most of his adult life? No, “a different user said.

Fans were fawning over the “Harry’s House” singer despite the criticism and memes about his accent.

In response to a Rolling Stone Instagram post, someone wrote, “IM OBSESSED.”

Another person said, “I’m literally sweating.”

On September 23, the movie “Don’t Worry Darling,” starring Styles, Pugh, Chris Pine, Gemma Chan, KiKi Layne, and director Wilde, will be released in theaters.

The protagonist of the psychological thriller is Alice (Pugh), a 1950s housewife who resides in a utopian society with her husband Jack (Styles), who works for the Victory Project, a shadowy organization. The ladies of the village are instructed to remain inside “where it’s secure,” but Alice begins to unravel as she observes what appear to be violent acts and questions “whether this place is unsafe,” according to the movie teaser.


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