EA Sports’ college football reboot will return to the locker room by 2024

It was originally planned for EA Sports’ much awaited college football remake to make its debut in July 2023, but that won’t happen until the summer of 2024. The game is currently under development and was initially revealed in 2021. Ground-up, so Madden won’t be afraid to include an NFL team’s efforts.

Bigwig Daryl Holt of ESPN commented, “This is the right date for us to bring a game that we think is going to meet or surpass the expectations of our players.” “We’re aiming to make the college football experience really immersive.”

The juggernaut publisher wants to make sure that the base is solid before releasing additional titles on an annual basis. And the rights of actual college football players are a tightrope he’s currently walking. Discussions concerning player equity were still going on in the college scene when the game was initially revealed.

Although it’s still not obvious how the rights will be organized, the NIL has now made it possible for players to appear in the game. The road is now open, but Holt noted that work is still being done on it.

EA Sports has a number of challenges besides licensing issues to deal with. The publisher claims that “along with a plethora of promising FBS schools,” it has acquired the rights to 120 colleges. This would make it possible to include the logos, grounds, and other customs of those organizations.

It is not yet known whether teams like Notre Dame, who previously stated they would not participate “unless the players benefit from the use of their name, image, and likeness,” will now be on board.

Holt said, “We hope more will join, but we can only commit to what we currently have in the works.” “As we proceed with that changing landscape, we will have additional information to give. However, we’ll continue to include as many schools as we can.

The game’s ever-popular Dynasty mode, which lets you run a school over several seasons and assemble an unbeatable team of star players, will of course be back. In Road to Glory, you can create your own college football superstar and advance to the top at your favorite position.

Holt declined to discuss specifics, only stating that the team wants to nail down the “fundamentals” so that it has a foundation upon which to build moving forward.

We don’t necessarily think the delay is a bad thing, even though the title is ultimately still quite far off. Football fans have been waiting impatiently for EA Sports to start over, and while that is highly unlikely given Madden NFL’s yearly release schedule, it does have the potential to resurrect virtual football.

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