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ECG clamps down on power theft

In a move to combat power theft and unauthorized connections, the Electricity Company of Ghana ECG  yesterday dispatched power visibility teams across the nation to audit and inspect the condition of meters.

Inspecting power meters at both residential and business buildings is what the teams are supposed to do. The Accra East Region team unplugged one business building in East Legon and issued an appearance notice for power theft and unlawful connection.

The exercise came after a month-long grace period during which any consumers using an unauthorized connection had to report it for correction or risk punishment if discovered.

In order to address the illegality and stop power outages, the amnesty began on June 7 and ended on July 20.
Samuel Dudik Mahama, managing director of ECG, stated earlier at a brief ceremony in Accra to begin the deployment of the teams that the teams’ principal goal was to assist in recovering money for power utilized.
He described how the meter audit would involve inspecting the meter to see whether it had been tampered with and evaluating its reading capabilities.

According to him, the checks would allow the power distribution firm to ascertain the amount of power delivered to a particular place as well as any losses or money generated over a particular time frame.

“This exercise is necessary for us to know the customers who are using our power without paying for it. We know that our losses as a company is not technical but rather commercial.

No one has the authority to touch the meter because it belongs to the ECG. We learn how much power is given to a location and the resulting profits or losses,” Mr. Mahama continued.

He warned that “any customer who resists our checks will have their electricity off by pulling the service cable” and urged all customers to work with the taskforce conducting the operation.

Customers who were discovered to have tampered with the power meter have 48 hours to report to their respective ECG meter office for reconciliation and the necessary fines, he said.

He claimed that if a client failed to comply, the ECG would be forced to arrest them and ensure their prosecution.

According to Mr. Mahama, the company was suffering revenue losses of more than US$100 million as a result of the scourge, which had hampered its expansion.

He counseled the team members to conduct themselves with professionalism and integrity throughout the exercise.

“Be professional in your conduct. Make yourself visible by identifying yourself to the consumer.

Let’s prevent dishonest people from abusing the exercise to carry out unlawful operations. Do well to notify your managers of any client who doesn’t support the team, he advised.

According to Bismark Otoo, General Manager of Accra East ECG, the operation by the teams aims to lower the company’s commercial losses.

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