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Final Fantasy Producer Naoki Yoshida Says The Series Is ‘Struggling’

Producer of Final Fantasy XVI Naoki Yoshida was extremely open about the situation of Final Fantasy at the moment.

He claimed that the long-running RPG series was not very responsive to major developments in the gaming business in a recent interview with Inverse.

“In terms of how well Final Fantasy is catching up with market changes, I think the series is now having trouble.” said Yoshida. We’ve reached the point when we get a lot of different requests about the course our game design should take.

When Final Fantasy XIV first came out in 2010, it had a reputation as a janky and unoriginal game. Players were dissatisfied, and the development team was discouraged. The disastrous MMORPG’s producer Yoshida took over, and FFXIV completely recovered.

The current expansion was so eagerly anticipated that Square Enix had to temporarily cease purchases in order to deal with traffic. The game is now regarded as a competitor to World of Warcraft. He is among the best prepared individuals to discuss the need for innovation in the series. One of the reasons he’s pushing FFXVI in a darker direction than most Final Fantasy games is because of his conviction.

Yoshida appears to be attempting to lower expectations for the series, as he has in the past to justify the absence of Final Fantasy XVI updates. Since there were so many demands, it would be hard to accommodate them all with a single title. My current impression is that the only thing we can really do is continue to produce as many games as we can, Yoshida told Inverse.

He didn’t, however, have a pessimistic outlook on Final Fantasy. He expressed optimism over the probable longevity of FFXIV as a live service game. “I want to continue ensuring that Final Fantasy XIV will be cherished by many as a fun game that provided them with the best gaming experience. Additionally, I want to guarantee that it will continue to function for a very long time.

Yoshida doesn’t appear to think that Final Fantasy’s uphill battle is a bad thing. He declared, “I think the core of a job is getting paid to accomplish something other people find difficult.

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