Hammer introduced me to drug abuse – Paa Dogo

Musician Paa Dogo claims that Hammer of the Last Two, a music producer, is responsible for introducing him to drug misuse.

He claimed that Hammer was quite young when they first met and had never used hard drugs.

But because of Hammer, he became familiar with using and abusing strong narcotics.

Speaking to Bryt TV, Paa Dogo expressed his disbelief at the idea of painting the man who introduced him to drugs and a horrible lifestyle in a negative light.

“I met Hammer when I was young. I didn’t know about drugs and alcohol. It was through Hammer I became an addict. So if I’m a drunkard then Hammer is a Russioan Tanker. When you associate with some friends that’s what happens to you. If not for God who will save you from some of these things, then you’ll stay in the dark for long,” he said.

He claimed that while it is true that he did make a lot of money from music, he used it to pursue women and consume drugs.

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