Here’s how to set a voice note as your status on WhatsApp

According to reports, voice notes can now be posted as status updates on social messaging service WhatsApp.

Users will be able to choose from a variety of backgrounds to go with their brief voice messages and recordings when setting them as their status using this function.

The function is anticipated to be made available to iOS and Android users.

The status bar will display a symbol that resembles a microphone for WhatsApp users.

The microphone button can be clicked to enable users to record 30-second status updates.

The recorded status can only be shared with the users the sender selects, according to our tech sources, and this function will come with some additional privacy options.

Therefore, users can specify which receivers have access to the voice note recording.

This is a part of the continual development of the Meta-owned app to keep it one step ahead of its rivals.

The voice note feature looks to be a waste of time in our opinion, even though additions like the ability to text yourself, the option to share calls within the app, and editing Whatsapp messages are on the way.

Following reports that WhatsApp is developing a tips and announcement page to give users access to a conversation area where incoming updates may be advertised, the voice note function was announced.

Consider notices; WhatsApp users will be able to get new, updated information, including details on planned features.

New updates this year

The social messaging app has developed over time to rank among the quickest forms of communication.

With features like group chats that enable real-time effective communication in businesses, WhatsApp has quickly become the go-to app for most businesses thanks to its easy-to-use video calls and audio calls.

View once feature

WhatsApp introduced the View Once feature, which enables users to send messages that can only be viewed once, around August 2021.

Because of the view once security feature, chats vanish after the recipient has read them.

Communities feature

WhatsApp introduced the Communities feature in November 2022, allowing groups to be combined into communities.

The list of organizations chosen to be a part of the communities feature would be under the admins’ authority.

Administrators will be able to broadcast one message to numerous groups with related interests thanks to this feature.

Users from various groups were able to use the function to receive information from various community groups and updates from other users.

Another feature WhatsApp hoped would help both organizations and particular community groups is this one.

WhatsApp Poll feature

WhatsApp recently announced that it was working on a poll tool to engage users generally and not just group members.

New green circle in chats

The green circle that appears when users post a new status is another feature of updates.

By looking at a user’s profile in chats, users can now see when that user has updated their status.

A solid green line denotes a single status update, while a dotted circle suggests multiple updates.

Leave groups discretely

Additionally, WhatsApp included a function called “leave groups quietly” that enables users to quit groups without the group receiving a signal that they have done so.

A notification would only be sent to admins.

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