Kizz Daniel Arrested In Tanzania For Not Performing At His Concert – Netizens React (Video)

Netizens have responded to reports that singer-songwriter Kizz Daniel has been detained in Tanzania for allegedly failing to appear at a concert where fans had paid to see him perform.

Tanzanians are suing Kizz Daniel after calling him out early in the morning for failing to show up for his concert after they paid a significant sum of money for tables and even causing havoc in a location that was meant to be serene.

In the YouTube video, it can be seen that several people are upset that Kizz Daniel accepted such a large sum of money yet failed to appear at the event. They are heard suggesting that he will be prosecuted for failing to play at the concert as scheduled.

Kizz Daniel has called shows or skipped out on his own concerts before, but this time he doesn’t seem to have been as lucky because he was apprehended by Tanzanian police, leaving internet users to wonder what will become of him.


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