Lilwin ready to partner Agya Koo for Kumawood revival

For the resurgence of the Kumawood film industry, Ghanaian actor Kwadwo Nkansah, better known by his stage name “Lilwin,” has stated his willingness to collaborate with veteran actor Agya Koo.

The Kumawood business has had several difficulties over the years, and some stakeholders have expressed concern that the sector would collapse if immediate action is not done.

Given the part he played in igniting interest in the local film industry in the past, recent calls for assistance from Agya Koo from various Kumawood celebrities have been made.

However, Lilwin stated that he was willing to cast Agya Koo in films to assist pique audiences’ interest in Kumawood in an interview with GNA Entertainment. He also emphasized the necessity for industry stakeholders to remain unified to secure the resuscitation of Kumawood.

“I can’t raise Kumawood by myself. To rekindle interest in our regional films, both the new and old performers and actresses must collaborate. In his effort to boost the Kumawood business, I was pleased to see him make a comeback, and if he needs my help, I’m always here, Lilwin stated.

Lilwin also emphasized the importance of working together to revive the Kumawood film industry.

“With Kumawood’s ‘fall’ over the past few years, so many actors have struggled financially, but as we battle for its resuscitation, collaboration is essential just like in the game of football if we are to succeed.

In order to retain my celebrity, he remarked, “I have taken the initiative of filming movies; I have added the role of an Executive Producer, so I don’t wait for others to call me.”

Following the success of his “Cocoa Season,” Lilwin is getting ready to release another series called “Mi Fie Wura,” which will feature a number of A-list actors.

Source: Globernewsfeed.us

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