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One of the promising acts striving to be at the top of their game is Magixx. The rapidly growing afrobeat artist who was signed to Marvin Records has a voice that is both distinctive and genuinely imaginative. He has a way of saying things that makes listeners want to hear them over and over.

Magixx, who was born Adelabu Alexander, is known for his outstanding performances in the music business. He’d spent hours listening to songs from all kinds of genres as a young lad, including pop, hip-hop, reggae, and highlife, and was always enthralled by music.

Inspire by musicians like Fela Kuti, 2baba, D’banj, Shina Peters, and others, He is steadily demonstrating that his success was the result of his talent combined with hard work and commitment rather than an accident.

The epitome of silky Afro-fusion, brimming with soft melodies and immersive sonics, he released his debut record, dubbed “Magix EP,” to celebrate his introduction into the market. He skillfully fuses the tropical inflections of “Pati” and “Gratitude” with the silky R&B of “Love Don’t Cost a Dime” and the Afrobeats of “Like a Movie” while showcasing his range throughout five catchy tracks.

He, clearly one of the most gifted artists in the world, has captured the attention of audiences with his alluring voice and charm on stage. The talented musician is one we’ve been eager to hear from as he keeps giving it his all. a powerful force that may quench your thirst with calming, sweet afrobeat tunes.

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FACEBOOK: Magixx       TWITTER: @Iam_Magixx      INSTAGRAM: @Iam_magixx 

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