Money Can’t Buy Class – Hajia 4 Real Shades Tracey Boakye

Socialite Hajia 4 Real has turned herself into a solo mafia gang hater!

Every now and then, Hajia 4 Real comes out of her shell to shade a member of the mafia gang who falls into her trap.

But for some reason, Tracey Boakye seems to be the only person taking all the shade and savage posts coming from the self-styled musician.

Again, Hajia 4 Real has thrown a shade at Tracey Boakye for wasting money and still organising a classless wedding.

Checking onto Instagram, Hajia 4 Real passed a snide comment at Tracey Boakye noting ‘money cannot buy class’

Her controversial comment has stirred up reactions on social media as fans react.

Why would She pass such a comment after Tracey Boakye has spent huge money trying to pull the biggest wedding in Ghana, to the extent of mounting a huge signboard for her thank you message?

These celebrities are their own enemies; they pretend to like themselves but in reality, they are in lowkey in competition with themselves.

Check out the post below;


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