Mummy Dolarz returns with new jab at Big Ivy

In the midst of her conflict with Ghana’s Big Ivy, Mummy Dolarz, a self-described rap queen, has retracted her statements.

The online star who has been feuding with Big Ivy for a while made a pledge not to respond to Big Ivy’s new song Poison Ivy a few days ago.

Instead of having them compete in a “cut-and-paste” rap battle, Mummy Dolarz said she would prefer they face off on stage and have a real audience judge.

On Thursday, August 18, Mummy Dolarz, in a novel move, unveiled a brand-new single.

The Nigerian singer claimed in the song “Prodigal Daughter” that Big Ivy was on a lower level than she was and offered to instruct her just like a schoolgirl.

This comes after Big Ivy released her song Poison Ivy almost two weeks ago.

In the song, which serves as a retort to Big Ivy, Mummy Dolarz of Nigeria pokes fun at other people.

Lines like “I’m a Ghana woman with power, something you can’t relate to. Shout out to NEPA, you go blackout. This battle you go back out,” has gotten her a lot of applause.

Many online users are grateful that Big Ivy does not insult or body shaming, as Mummy Dolarz allegedly did in her earlier songs.

“Mama Naira I am the Kuwait dinar, highest, coming up against me means you go fall, like my first name tiwa, men I’m a savage. When it comes to beef, I be like Shatta you go crawl,” she raps.

Source: Globernewsfeed.Us

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