New Netflix with ads-plan may block downloads

In order to provide its consumers a variety of pricing options, Netflix Inc. has announced the debut of an ad-supported tier. However, there is a catch.

If a user is subscribed to Netflix’s new ad-supported tier plan, downloads may be blocked and they may not be able to watch series and movies while traveling by plane or other mobile device.

The streaming service declared that in addition to the currently offered ads-free basic, standard, and premium plans, it would also launch a more affordable ad-supported subscription plan.

With the announcement, Netflix made it official that Microsoft was its global sales and ad technology partner.

The streaming service is obviously moving in the direction of offering content and earning money through advertisements.

What does this mean for users?

According to a number of reports, customers might not be able to download television programmes and films to their devices for offline watching.

Should they be on the new price tier when Netflix launches the new ad-supported tier, viewers who watch TV on the go could not be able to download shows.

This could be an attempt by Netflix to set apart and differentiate the new service from its current offerings.

Users might not be able to skip advertising after the ads-supported tier goes online, which is a common practice in the modern streaming industry.

Despite the fact that cost might be the only extra perk for subscribers, Netflix is reducing the frills on the ad-based tier.

Not just the streaming service is transitioning to an ad-based tier.

Disney declared pricing increases only to launch an alternate, less expensive package, the Disney Plus plan, which is supported by advertisements.

Disney+ is currently redesigning its price options, which are set to go into effect on December 8th, 2022.

In South Africa, Netflix announced a price increase earlier this year, raising the cost of its base plan by R20 to R 159 per month.

The decision caused the price of the Netflix Premium plan to rise by R30, or around R199 per hour.

Users should anticipate monthly costs of about R50 for the Netflix Basic plan and R100 for the Mobile package.

Download shows

Currently, you can download Netflix shows and watch them offline.

Netflix subscribers can download shows in addition to watching without paying extra, and this feature is available on iOS and Android for all pricing tiers.

With this service, consumers can view episodes or movies when traveling or in other locations with expensive or limited internet.

Due to contractual limitations, not every Netflix show or movie is available for download, despite the functionality being present on the majority of the company’s most recent iterations of its apps.

Once downloaded, users may watch television series and movies online or offline, making it ideal for load shedding nights.

Additionally, users have the option to select the video quality of their download, which helps those on a budget.


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