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One feared dead, several passengers injured in a gory accident on Tema Motorway

Today, September 1, before noon, a bloody collision happened on the Tema Motorway, injuring several people, including newborns, and leaving one of them in critical condition.

According to a victim, the commercial vehicle was traveling at full speed from Tema to Accra. Yaw Osei claimed that despite the passengers’ complaints, the driver disregarded them.

“The automobile somersaulted when one of the back tires exploded. He did not pay attention to the complaints of the passengers, he told SVTV Africa.

One other witness made the assumption that the bus driver may have braked when the tire ruptured. The bus flipped onto the other lane headed to Tema as a result.

DJ Nyaami reported that an ambulance showed about 40 minutes after the collision, when he arrived at the scene at 10:30 a.m. Police officers were present at the scene, though.

Before the ambulance arrived on the site, onlookers assisted in loading injured people into a private vehicle.

Another eyewitness stated that the driver of the car with the license plate GS 8915-17 could not be located.

Please view the complete video below.


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