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Some Ghanaians Sell Thier Passports to Nigerians In Dubai – Deportee Reveals

Stephen Kudom, a Ghanaian who was deported from the UAE, revealed that some Ghanaians in those states allegedly sell their passports to Nigerians.


Stephen claimed in an interview with DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa that they have resorted to using Ghanaian passports as a result of the prohibition on Nigerians entering the UAE.


The reporter claims that the Ghanaians who sell it are mostly those who have been let down by travel brokers and are in need of the cash to make ends meet.


In Dubai, it is a sizable industry. Nigerians can add their pictures to it because businesses won’t hire people with Nigerian passports. They buy ours because of this.



Although it’s currently just hearsay, we’ve also heard that some Nigerians travel to Ghana to seek for passports.


Stephen claims that Ghanaians who sell their passports go to the Ghana Embassy to obtain travel documents when they wish to visit Ghana.


“Ghanaians sell it because job-promising agents let them down, so they do. The cost of a bed is something you have to pay.


I know someone who consents to his married wife having sex with other people in exchange for money to live. He has no choice, and they don’t have any money for food or a place to sleep,” Stephen continued.


Please watch the entire interview down below;


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