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Stabbing of Accra Bride: Family resolve to handle murder case out of court

Munira Moro’s family should be permitted to settle her murder case without going to court, according to sources close to them in the Greater Accra Region.

According to sources speaking to, Monica Moro, who was married as a second wife, was stabbed to death in cold blood in a case that had previously been linked to her husband’s first wife. Landguards were later hired, but no specifics have been confirmed.

Less than 10 days had passed since her wedding ceremony, which was attended by relatives and friends, when she passed away from stab wounds in her room at Abeka Lapaz.

De Royal Samba II provided an update on the subject and wrote:

“We are not prepared to resolve this case amicably. Do not call me, Chief or Imam. I DO MEAN IT! You probably don’t understand the current situation we are in. You expect us to turn a murder that happened in a woman’s room 10 days after her marriage, an innocent woman full of life, into a family matter. You’re insane, man!

Social media is ablaze with calls for a speedy inquiry into the young bride’s death and the police to detain any perpetrators. Investigations are still going on, but the family is said to wish to settle the case without going to court and has asked community and regional opinion leaders to become part.

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