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Tax Clearance Certificate Issuance To Be Automated Soon – Bawumia

Tax Clearance Certificate Issuance To Be Automated Soon. Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has promised Ghanaians, particularly the business community, that the challenges, delays, and frustrations related to obtaining a Tax Clearance Certificate and filing tax returns will soon be a thing of the past.

This comes after the Ghana Revenue Authority finished developing online platforms to automate the acquisition of a Tax Clearance Certificate and the filing of taxes, thereby removing the numerous difficulties connected with the current manual procedure of issue.

Dr. Bawumia said in a speech to attendees at the 10th Annual International Tax Conference held in Accra by the Chartered Institute of Taxation, Ghana that the Ghana Revenue Authority had started the necessary work to improve the current Tax Certificate issuance regime, operating in accordance with the Revenue Administration Act.

According to Sections 10 and 11 of the Revenue Administration Act, the Commissioner-General has kept a system of Tax Clearance Certificates (TCC) in place to encourage tax compliance. Over the years, a handwritten certificate has been issued as part of the manual procedure of getting the clearance certificate. It has been marked by delays in GRA issuance, difficulties in recipients confirming real TCCs, the use of fake TCCs, and reported misconduct on the part of some Tax Officials, among other things.

The Vice President stated, “It is with this backdrop in mind that I asked the GRA leadership to automate the process of getting Tax Clearance Certificates. I am pleased to inform to you that this procedure has been completed and will go live by October.

Officials from the GRA noted that in order to use the new function that has been made accessible on the Platforms, users must sign into the taxpayer portal and submit an online application for the TCC in compliance with Section 14 of the Revenue Administration Act.

The technology runs a background check to make sure there are no unpaid tax bills and returns, and it then automatically delivers an electronic tax clearance certificate to approved applicants.

“The electronic copy of the Tax Clearance Certificate is also sent to the third party requestor who made the Certificate’s demand. Then, unsuccessful applicants are informed of the reasons behind their automated eTCC denial.

Through automatic verification and electronic issuance of the TCC to the Taxpayer and the requesting institution, the Vice President continued, “It is evident from the foregoing that the issue of fake TCC will be a thing of the past, delays would be eliminated, and there would be enhanced transparency.”

Filing of taxes

A self-service portal called Ghana Taxpayers’ App has also been launched by the GRA’s Domestic Tax Revenue Division. It is accessible on as well as the Google Play and Apple Play stores.

Using the portals enables the taxpayer to complete all tax forms, examine balances on their ledgers (tax status at any time), receive reminders about the deadlines for paying tax liabilities, and receive tax credits when they are subject to withholding tax.

Additionally, this would provide workers the option to check that the income taxes that were withheld and paid by their employers were accurate.

You no longer have to wait in long lines at tax offices to pay your taxes; instead, you can do it by using the payment platform or any of the commercial banks of your choosing. To register, all you need is your Ghana card number, whether you are a citizen or a non-citizen, or your TIN for businesses in order to submit your taxes online, according to Dr. Bawumia.

Every Ghanaian will be able to check on their tax compliance status by phoning *899*42# thanks to the Authority’s USSD number, which will be available soon.

“Therefore, all Ghanaians and all companies are urged to determine their level of tax compliance. They can promptly file their tax returns and pay any outstanding amounts on their mobile phone if they are not in compliance.

Accessing Public Services

“These automations of repetitive task are aimed at reducing the discretionary use of powers and its attendant alleged corruption by public officials while promoting voluntary compliance and a friendly taxpaying environment,” he emphasized.

“I must add that given that we have now made it very easy for anyone to file and pay their taxes, from next year many public services will require the presentation of tax clearance certificates before the services are rendered. This will enhance compliance and therefore domestic revenue mobilization,” the Vice President disclosed.


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