The new crop of filmmakers killed the movie industry – David Dontoh

David Kwame Dontoh, the chairman of the National Films Authority, has accused young filmmakers in the nation of being to blame for the downfall of the nation’s once-vibrant film industry.

David Dontoh claims that these new film producers were given the chance to enter the market since filmmaking itself at one time became simple.

When switching from celluloid film to video film, he said, “Video film is much cheaper, much faster, and much easier, and practically anyone can manipulate the camera.”

The seasoned actor believes that these new film producers took a sloppy approach to making movies by neglecting to write good scripts and hire qualified actors.

When video technology entered the system, people quickly discovered how to exploit it to generate income for themselves, according to David Dontoh on E-TV during a studio interview that Globernewsfeed.us was watching.

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