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Unregistered SIM Cards To Be Barred From Data Services From Today

It is expected that some network subscribers will be blocked from accessing data services from their network providers from today, November 20.

These are subscribers who have linked their SIM cards to their Ghana Cards but have not done the second phase of the registration process.

“Despite the ample opportunity afforded all to complete the registration of their SIM cards, some who have the Ghana Cards and have begun the process have failed to complete the registration. That is their choice and we cannot begrudge them,” the Minister argued.

The SIM card re-registration exercise began in October 2021. Since then, there have been about four deadline extensions due to the low number of re-registered SIM cards.

Currently, a total of 30,011,082 SIM cards have been linked to Ghana Cards, thereby completing the first phase of the registration process.

As of November 9, 20,892,970 subscribers had completed both the linkage and capture of their biometric data.

Source: Africanfolder

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