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Video: Two churches fight at cemetery over burial of member who owed tithes [Video]

Two churches have reportedly clashed in a cemetery in the Western North Region, according to a very unsettling account from Kwabenakrom at Sefwi Bekwai.

This comes after the controversy over a church member’s funeral ritual.

According to sources, the argument started because the man owing tithes and church levies before he passed away.

Because of this, his church has refused to bury him until his family settles all of his debts.

Instead, the family decided to use the services of another church to bury their brother after being upset and outraged by this cruel deed.

An attempt to interrupt the burial was made by members of the opposing church, according to reporter Gabby Antwi who was stationed at Kwabenakrom.

The dead guy was in the casket waiting to be buried, and the two churches and family members got into a free-for-all argument over him because he owed church tithes and levies.

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