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Wanlov The Kuborlor Blasts Shatta Wale for Failing to Protect Wiyaala Even After Organisers Take Blame for Sabotage

In a viral new video, Ghanaian international musician Wanlov the Kuborlor, of “FOKN BOIS” notoriety, attacked Shatta Wale.

The recent accusations made by Wiyaala against Shatta Wale and his group for supposedly undermining her were answered by Wanlov the Kuborlor.

The gifted performer provided background information on the incident and revealed that Wiyaala and Shatta Wale were expected to collect an award.

In spite of the fact that the presentation was overdue, Wiyaala was called backstage to wait.

Wiyaala remained backstage waiting to be summoned on stage as Shatta Wale received his prize after that.

When Wiyaala and her team later learned that the presentation was finished, she was given the opportunity to go backstage.

Following her rejection of the prize, she sparked controversy by calling for transparency from Shatta Wale’s team on Facebook.

The Kuborlor who was dealing with the situation, Wanlov, agreed with Wiyaala’s response and said that disrespecting someone was inappropriate.

He then criticised Shatta Wale for doing nothing as her colleague was treated disrespectfully.

Watch the video of Wanlov below.


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