WhatsApp hacked: Here’s what to do

In what has been referred to as one of the largest record breaches for the social messaging program WhatsApp, over 500 million records may be available for purchase.

According to reports, a hacker community says it is offering the most recent database of data from 84 different countries.

Until WhatsApp confirms or denies the alleged breach, it is only a rumor. However, what happens if there is a breach and your numbers are exposed?

Things to do

Seeing connections that aren’t yours on WhatsApp is a first indication of a compromised account.

The good news is that WhatsApp may notify you of any suspicious activity if it involves an external breach and provide advice on a workaround.

But what happens if you notice strange activities when you wake up?

Inform your contacts that your account has been compromised by getting in touch with them.

Never reply to any messages asking for a password or one-time pin.

The attacker might be doing this to exert more control over your personal information.

Before leaving the platform, send a message to your closest contacts to cut off the hackers’ path.

Don’t give out personal information, especially to strangers.

Avoid leaving and entering your account again.

Any hacker’s ultimate goal is to seize control of your identity and use it anyway they see fit.

Don’t click on any shady links.

Due to end-to-end encryption used by WhatsApp and the fact that messages are saved on your smartphone rather than a cloud service, users can enjoy a certain level of privacy about their communications.

It’s crucial to continually be aware of how your phone is being used, as details like a rapidly draining battery on a known phone could indicate criminal activity.

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