WhatsApp: Multitask in video call screen, here’s how it works

The capability to multitask while on a video conversation comes from the well-known messaging service WhatsApp.

In the coming year, WhatsApp will launch a new function called Picture in Picture.

The feature is now under beta testing with an introduction planned for next year, but exclusively for iOS.

The feature’s condensed in-call video screen will make it simple for users to multitask while on a conversation.

The default end-to-end encryption of WhatsApp will still be used to encrypt the calls.

With the rise in popularity of video calling services like FaceTime and Video Calls, WhatsApp faced the difficulty of calls terminating whenever the screen was minimized.

Users could only reduce the screen during voice calls in order to multitask.

With the upcoming Picture in Picture feature, the messaging app will provide users the option to multitask while participating in up to 32 audio and video calls at once.

By simply reducing the currently live call, you can transfer files, photos, and attachments while on a video call.

The number of persons who can participate in a voice or video conversation through WhatsApp has been extended to 32, which is a fourfold increase from the previous limit.

With the incoming function, users may long-press a caller to magnify their video or audio feed, mute them, or send them a separate message while the calls are still active.

Additionally, the feature will have several color waveforms so users can quickly determine who is speaking even when their camera is off.

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