You can soon rent an Xbox from Braintree

You might be interested to learn that Braintree has launched an option that lets you rent an Xbox console if buying one is out of your price range.

The new service is a component of Braintree’s purchase of the Xbox division of Vox.

The main goal of the acquisition, according to Braintree Executive Head Heath Huxtable, “was to broaden our offering to include Xbox Series S and Series X consoles, accessories, and game vouchers, further reinforcing our position as the ‘Masters of Microsoft’.”

We have redesigned the leasing model and are reaching out to current clients to let them about the changes.

How to rent an Xbox Series S or X console

How does the new rental option operate then?

Customers will be required to pay a monthly charge, and you can end the leasing agreement with 30 days’ notice.

When renting the property, you must provide a down payment equal to one month’s rent. Depending on the console used, rental costs are decided.

One advantage is that Braintree will pick up and replace the console for you if it breaks down.

According to Huxtable, if a customer wants to cancel their rental, they only need to give us 30 days’ notice. Braintree will then arrange for a courier to pick up the device at no additional cost to the customer when the notice period is up.

Additionally, the business offers digital games, accessories, and game coupons.

The Vox Xbox rental website currently offers rentals. Beginning on September 1, you can also rent through the Braintree Home website.

You have the option of buying the console through Braintree, which also sells a variety of Microsoft goods.


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