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You’re A Fool – “Aletse” Tinny Attacks Stonebwoy on Live Radio for Expressing Desire to Pay His Debts

Stonebwoy and two other hip-hop artists have come under fire from one of Ghana’s most renowned hip-hop artists, Tinny, for being indebted.

According to news sources, the musician had his automobile seized because of debt, despite the fact that his career had long since ended.

The difficulties were covered by numerous media outlets, including one of the leading radio stations, which just so occurred to cover them.

Tinny claims to have overheard Mercury Quaye, Stonebwoy, and an unnamed male talking about Stonebwoy’s debt.

However, Tinny was very obviously upset with Mercury Quaye and verbally attacked him, which made Stonebwoy uncomfortable.

He expressed considerable dissatisfaction with how the subject was typically treated.

He also voiced contempt at Stonebwoy, a colleague, for wanting to pay off the loan.

Watch the video below in the interim.

Following the release of the video, many criticized Tinny for using profanity to communicate his opinions, claiming that this was immature of him.

Additionally, Tinny’s outburst has recently been connected to long-standing underlying problems.

Perhaps Stonebowoy is the target of these resentments, and they view this as an opportunity to make amends.


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